Monday, May 22, 2006

Ten things I Wish to do Everyday!

Here is a list of TEN things I wish to do 'every' day
1. Eat Good Food
2. Sleep
3. Write a page
4. Listen to a piece of Music, Dance
5. Experience
6. Be Sincere
7. Create Something
8. Express Gratitude for something
9. Meet a friend
10. Go for a walk

I don't wanna talk on this !

Just go through THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: Karan Thapar interviewing our dearest HRD Minister on
I have nothing to say. Kill him!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mirchi isn't good!

Its too much of Mirchi for Radio Listeners in Bangalore. It has managed to attract the major chunk of the music lovers in the last one month and evidently all the company cabs have switched to Mirchi from Radio City( which i suppose... started around 2 years back)..

But guys ! Too much of Mirchi is giving me a huge headache. I appreciate the fact that Mirchi has been successful in connecting with the audience of Bangalore. With Kanglish ( Kannada + English) speaking RJs it claims for 'Less Bak Bak and More Dhak Dhak'.. But there is too much of Shor.. All the self promotional ads they play are by far below standard and embarassing..
They way they add Radio Mirchi... to the start of every song seems to be an innovative idea.. but most of the time its ends up spoiling the audibility and fails to be in sync with the tune...
Ofcourse there are some execptions. When its plays Radio Mirchi.......Radio Mirchi instead of Subhaanallaah... i get a feeling that its actually Aamir Khan whose singing it..The number of ads are increasing on a daily basis and there are too many repetitions. Radio City too has its share of ads and repetitions but the anchoring seems to more pleasant and soothing. The ads are annoying especially the one which says 'Sabse bada Kabbadi' and Sleevless Sarsa is too immaturish. They ask stupid and below standard question for polls and expect the audience to type their view and send it across them.. Today morning the question sounded like " Which is the most comfortable clothing during summer? Options were a) Lungi b) Pyjama c) Patte Chaddi... and 89% of Bangalore voted for c) Patte Chaddi.. True !!!!

I do understand that by using phrases like ' correct answer type madi.. sms madi.. prize win madi...' they are trying to connect to the larger Kannada audience in Bangalore who never speak pure Kannada. Its likely to harm the coming generation with kids neither speaking pure English nor pure kannada. Its a fact that one year old kids are taught to speak English before they get the taste of their mother tongue and mothers restrict communication to 'Only in English' even at homes.. It high time people realise the need to preserve the value for their mother tongue.

Inspite of using half Kannada, Mirchi doesn't play Kannada songs.. Only on Sundays, I guess.. Looking at the situation, I feel Rainbow FM is better and Radio City is doing a good job with good English. Bangalore must go for a full time Kannada FM. Mirchi has ofcourse helped to learn some Kannada and it gets easier to relate as English comes in between.. Mirchi takes the hell out of me with irritating noise and I especially avoid it if i am preparing to sleep.. Its Sakkath Bakwaas Maga !!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How to feel Miserable as a Designer ??

This is a very interesting piece of work i came across while doing my usual portfolio searches.
I am linking the site

This has inspired me to list something based on my experience..
How to feel miserable as a designer?

1. Everytime you improvise on your design, the client starts asking for more..
2. You do a good work.. the client demands for something worse than what you did..
3. An idea strikes ... you are out without your PC or a pen..
4. An idea strikes, You are at home in front of your PC.. the power goes off..
5. An idea strikes, You are at home, you have the PC, there is power... the monitor blows off..
6. You get all designed on paper.. you get the support systems back... but you are no more in a mood..
7. You get everything right and you don't have the time.
8. You do good work.. Others never bother to take a look at it...
9. You get an honest feedback.. but you are not happy with it...
10. You start feeling that you have wasted half your life in choosing the correct font.


Someone rightly said, "Ideas are like policemen.They don't come when they are required". Truly ideas are like policemen and when they are there around nothing happens. I have felt the sudden urge to put my ideas across through a medium before it fades away forever. Thats when i realised the importance of having a journal or may be a simple notebook with myself all the time. The importance of paper work is quite huge when it comes to finding the right solution to your design. You need to have your choices sketched out before you put on a critic's hat and select the best of them.

Its been 5-6 years since i started using the mouse to unleash my creative side and i hadn't realised the need for paper work before.. Today when i look back and think of why i had many incomplete designs waiting for a entry into my portfolio, i do realise the problem. I have been able to come up with a lot of ideas. But how many of them were winning ideas?

I have started working on the version 8 of my portfolio. It shares the name with this weblog.
I intend to put it across soon. This time around i haven't started with the mouse .. But i do realise that the work is almost half done as i have laid out the concepts on paper and collected all the resources. I would put up the new MeNotMe identity on this log sometime next week..
For people who don't have the patience to wait till the heavy graphic loads, i am working on usable friendly version incorporating a lot of CSS and Javascripts. Graphic design is all about using the right side of your brain. I would like to use the other side as well and that stands for Usability..

I am awake and So is the Nation...

Its been three months since i have been to this dashboard.. I got stuck in Tower 11 of the Wipro Campus.. I have been sleeping and feeling all gloomy.. Whom should i put the blame on??
I haven't been getting into the mood.Moreover, Who reads my blog?? Just a single comment being posted in this weblog all these months... plus some people advertising their products in my comment window... I have lost it.. All the excitement, all the fire and there is no more an urge to write. The author is the sole man contributing to the hits.. I haven't done advertising in a large scale. I opt not to. But I am back !

Too many things happening around in the last 3 months..
Early April, I moved into a new apartment with 'PorQ' aka 'Spike' aka 'Mullan'. Been to home just once and done a lot of designing work till the monitor residing at my place blew off.. May be directly or indirectly the impact of 36 China Town that we were watching that night..
The movie is not too far from being put into the 'watchable' category but its a must see if you are interested in learning the art of screwing up movies inspite of having good talent around. Paresh Rawal and Akshaye Khanna, who still tires hides his baldness, (this time around with designer hats) are being misused as never before. When the movie was at its climax, I was the only one awake among the five who were watching it. I was quite impressed with the art and cinematography. Had some brilliant colours in this one.
Mullan really go pissed off and "aaj tak China Town ka aur uska Chhatees (36) ka aakda hai.."
We are still waiting do the repair works.

In my last post i had mentioned about the streak of optimism that flashed across me. I could well see it in the youth of my nation as they have been protesting hard against the Quota system. And Rang De Basanti has worked well in inspiring them to organise Candle Light Morcha and to raise their voice against the scruplous polticians who are only trying to expand their vote bank.. I know this time around Aamir won't be there to come in support as he did for the Narmada Bachao Aandolan.. But he has done his part with Rang De... The nation has shown its discontempt in the Jessica Lal case and will unite in future to fight people who follow the divide and rule policy.. We don't need Shayan Munshis'. We need young guns who are atleast 'reactive' if not 'proactive'....

Saturday, February 18, 2006


All of us have enjoyed some moments of doing nothing and simply enjoying in some stage of our life. I never fancied the idea as much as i do now. I have always been a film buff and i can watch certain movies over and over again. I watched Rang De Basanti twice. I have been at home for a month and watching all those movies been aired on Zee Cinema, Star Gold or Max. I don't know if its their bloddy influence. But there is something in me that has kept me thinking.Is it enough for me to carry on life as it is or should i do something serious about it. I wonder if i can do something that needs to be done. Can my life make to difference to this nation or this world as a whole? Is patroitism just about paying our taxes? Shouldn't we go a bit extra and do something really good?

I don't know what i should do to find the basanti in my life and i haven't yet done anything close to realising what it is. But i really do feel that patroitism is not just about cheering for our cricket team or feeling proud when India is getting connected to Pakistan via the Thar Express. Sting operations are on their act and has exposed corruption at many levels. I do see something happening to my country that has not happened in the recent past. Defenitely there is a sense and urge to fight bad and clean our system. Its not just about the debates happening or the effects of Rang De... When i walk across the streets of my city i feel it. The air has defenitely changed.

I am not sure if people will agree to that. Excuses can be made. But there is a streak of optimism in me and somewhere down the line i will realise my destiny. I'll make sure that i strive and find my basanti soon. As for tomorrow... i'll enjoy India's encounter with Pakistan at Karachi as well as at Colombo.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Me Not Me

I can't keep off from my usual routine. Here's another one. Another identity for Me Not Me.

Its Feb 14th!

I couldn't sleep last night. Not because there were too many mosquitoes around. I had an All Out Liquidator to drive them away. I was just pretending to have slept. I feared if i would loose my sleep all over again. I never knew the reason but those wierd feelings kept coming back to me.

At the stroke of midnight, i received an sms and it said "Happy Valentine's Day". What ? Its Feb 14th and I didn't even know. It was the same day last year that i got an offensive hair cut. How could i forget this day? And how do i forget the barber? I was totally pissed off and my roommate was more than delighted coz i had joined his club.

Valentine's Day ! Whats this fuss all about guys? It may be like asking 'Log Chloromint Kyun Khate hain?'. But i can't resist asking it. They say it was the day when some 3rd Century Saint was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity and more likely for giving a love letter to the jailor's beautiful daughter. True inspiration for Bollywood.

According to a Valentine's Day tradition if you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have. Thats great! What if the girl and the boy get different counts? Simple. The relationship ends.

I played my part, kept you in the dark, Now let me show you the shape of my heart. Is he a 'Hanuman' and whats this shape all about. Looking at those hearts around makes me sick. Some dull-witted guy made lots of money by selling this shape. It blows off so quickly and with a bang. And thats where it makes sense. It doesn't last long.

I am not the one to comment more about love and stuff. Yash Chopra movies make good references. Do your homework properly and better don't wait for Feb 14th. If the violins start playing, you better do something. Quickly!

Valentine's Day is the right time for us to spend money and for Archies, Hallmark and Pizza Huts to make huge. The Shiv Sainiks start shooting the cupid and in Harayana men go on bride-shopping.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Poor Inzy!

There is a lot happening in the world cricket with Inzy critising Team India for making an appeal, saying it was unsportsmanlike. Oh My God! Don't forget Shoaib obstructing Sachin in the 1999 Calcutta test. Inzy was given out for obstructing the ball which was targeted at the stumps. Should the umpires show the bowlers a red card for obstructing the batsman ?

Moin Khan Calls Inzy's dismissal an example of India's desire to win by hook or by crook and he launched a scathing personal attack on Rahul Dravid. What the hell! Now Team India needs to learn from Team Pakistan.

Pakistan has always been know for making unhealthy appeals. One of the most shocking pieces of appeal was made by Moin Khan himself, getting Sourav Ganguly out after pouching on to the ball which hit the ground first and then the silly point fielder. Moreover Moin writes that Dravid is not the right one to fit into Sourav's Shoes. Its atrocious! We don't need a hypocrite to teach us. He says Sourav(who himself made a mess of his career) could have handled the situation cleverly.

I feel Inzy and Moin should learn from Sachin or Lara who walks off before hearing the umpire or accepting an lbw decision even if the ball hits the bat first. How come a player with 15 odd years of experience fail to understand the rules of the game? Five year old kids do know them. He hasn't gone to school perhaps. Somebody teach him how to talk.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I completed 2 months of fun and frustration in the bench. Being at home in front of the TV and getting salary is not something that many would get to do. But,I am kinda loving bench. Lets talk about bench. Its made of wood and iron and...Err... Sorry!!

I was never a back bencher at school. Neither at College. I loved being somewhere in the centre where i could get myself updated of the weather. I had a long time partner at school. Mervin ! We were together for around 5 years. I haven't heard from him for the past 3 years. He kinda dissappeared somewhere.

College was never like school. We seldom had good time in the classroom. It was always half occupied. People had their own issues to handle. Assignments, girlfriends and what not.

My all time second most favourite benchmate had a serious problem with his hair. Not only was it standing all the time, it was always posed with a serious question for someone to answer. He was good at debating. His codename used to be 'Spike'. Sanal always seemed to be confused. A genuine hardworker. But he would prefer saying that he hardly worked.

I remember onetime we three of us had been to a remote village near Ramandali. I still don't know if its in Kannur or Kasargod disrict. We did set up a stall for their science exhibition. As instructed by our Professor, we were supposed to explain those kids about Internet, Websites and stuff. A week ago we had been for Ashutosh Gowariker's Swades. And to tell you frankly, the feeling was not too different from that of producing electricity in a downtrodden village. Imagine explaining Internet to kids who were barely knew what Computers were.Never mind. I remember Sanal coming to our rescue when Sajith and me struggled to make the point.

I would like to write more on that unforgettable experience. I'll get back later.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is a visual feast. Apart from that, it makes you think. It stirs your blood. The movie may not be flawless but it defenitely is the movie of the year. Hats off to Rakeysh Mehra and his team. Such movie are not made. They happen. One thing that i really liked about this movie is Siddharth. He was impressive and has a promising career ahead. Aamir was as usual. There's no match for him.

Is it a patriotic film ? Well i still don't know that. It urges the youth to join politics, the civil services, armed forces, and to clean the system from the inside out. The climax came in as a big surprise. The ending of the movie couldn't have been better. Something like Yuva would not have been a perfect ending for this one. Was it stupid on the part of the Government to attack the Radio Station and gun down those guys? Would any Government practically do that? If yes, I would like to see what happens next. What would it be like if the movie has a second part. The guys may be named as the part of a terrorist gang. Their friends and parents would be questioned and harrassed. The dead minister may still end up with a clean chit.
If you need to change the system you should not fear death. Killing corrupt politicians may not be the appropriate solution. But whats the alternative. If good guys need to enter politics... kill the corrupt ones. Else they'll bite.

"Is desh ka kuch bhi nahi ho sakta".That's pessimism at its peak. Truly guys. I am a pessimist and may remain so until i do something about it.

Well I am gonna sit back and relax. What more can i say? Do you guys expect me to take the initiative and correct things. No chance...The movie was good. I had a good time. I can't predict if India will have good times ahead.

Monday, January 02, 2006

That One More Year !

I decided not to make resolutions this year. I can't really think of anything. Sure, everything can always be refined and improved, but that's nothing to make goals-lists about. Wait, I'm sort of exhausted.
There's lots of things in my life that i can't find anymore: Sense of optimism, excitement, innocence, patience (long ago), great moments and opportunity. The beginning of the year 2005 was as great as it can be. I cannot tell the stories here, unfortunately. It's way too long, way too wrong, way too damn funny. The end was worse. Mind games you know ! You can't do much when its running way outside the track.

There is one resolution that i thought of at this every moment. Be careful when you send SMSes.
Yup! It can kinda get you into trouble. Big time trouble ! And especially when theres a girl sitting at the other end.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Truly Insane !

There is nothing that can stop me from hating Bangalore. I had never been so alone anywhere else, at any point of time in my life. How many weeks in a row can I get away with saying, this has been the worst weekend ever!! Last saturday, I was in crazy-cleaning mode. I am staying with my brother and some of his friends. They have their own commitments for the weekend and i never see them during the day. As usual i was alone at home spending my time cleaning and by evening, I was immensely irritated. So I started sending SMSes. I tried and composed shayaris depicting my state of mind and sent it across to my friends. Who the hell would respond? I was the only one alone. I have around 30 friends in Bangalore. Some of them were busy with their courses, some with shopping and some with their girlfriends. In most of those few replies that i received, I was asked to meet the doctor. Insane ! Truly I had a bad state of mind.

For a crap like me, it gets really difficult to spend the weekend. Being on the bench or freepool at workplace made things even worse. Sleep used to be my last and the best option.
Sometime I expect to hang out with someone for a while and walk back home around midnight. I wonder when i would have a better weekend.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bangalore Hater Joins Club!

I kinda hated Bangalore. Ofcourse! I had million reasons for that.. This is the first time i am blogging from this so called Hi-Tech City. What ! Did i say anything! Forget it. Its been more than one and a half month since i last blogged. It takes time to recover from the treatment that i got in bangalore. Starting from the weather to the people and the traffic.. I don't know why i simply started hating Bangalore from my very first day. I got stuck in the traffic for around three and a half hours on the 5th day. Autowalas made the best out of me.Had to walk for 7km and sleep without a blanket. I mean I was totally devasted. Both mentally and physically. I thought of quitting Wipro the very first week. Not because of the job , because of Bangalore. Don't talk about my job. I am still under training. The best part of it. The worst is still to come.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crazy Stuff !

I am not sure how long it has been but now I am feeling all weird again. I don't know why and to tell you the truth I haven't ever really wanted to delve into it. I got my sleep back. I am doing quite well. 10 hours on a day to day basis. I usually worry about stupid things. I can't help but I am pretty much worried about all the TV Soaps I started watching this vacation. What the hell will happen to them. The worst part is that usually I don't worry about them this much, I just get this way sometimes. When I get this way I just want to organize everything. To be precise I have started following 8 Rona-dhona type Soaps, 3 reality shows and One Great Indian Comedy Show.

But I really don't want any responsibilites. I just wanna sit back and enjoy. I kinda loved sitting at home and doing nothing. I have started thinking about doing nothing. What a crazy idea!
Well! I can imagine that quite well. Similar to what I have been doing the last two days.
I just got myself to sit back and listen to all the latest music especially Rahul Vaidya (I heard his songs repeatedly for over 40 times) , thought about whats gonna happen in next episode of my favourite TV show.

Crazy Stuff !! I know people are kinda laugh at me. But I don't know why ? I am kinda enjoying it. 6 hours left for my train to Bangalore and I can't imagine of tommorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stolen !

Yesterday, I was talking about my jeans. God! A new jeans of mine is being stolen. And it happened just 3 hours ago. It had been left on the terrace for drying. I don't know if that crook will be interested in my Blog, but there are few words I have kept reserved for him. He will hear those from some other mouth. I am sure. Within 24 hours.

Ah! I told you to ask me about my pants sometimes. Well! Here it is. What a coincidence! History repeats. Its exactly the same thing I had to tell you. I have this problem to my pants getting stolen. My pals used to believe that I was the thinnest guy on Earth. Hope this answers their doubt.

It happened eight months ago. I was in MH and woke up one morning to find a new jeans of mine stolen. I hadn't even removed the price tag. I was supposed to wear it for an inaugural function of a college event on the very same day. That morning was simply great for me. The three day event started off and the rest is history.

Let me tell you one more thing. I was robbed while in train a few months ago. I am not sure how that happened. But I think, I was hypnotised. Great.. Great.. such great things always happen to me.

My helping mentality has received a severe blow over the last year. Every time I do things for others reassuring myself of that being the last time. No! Again, I keep on listening to my heart and recieve severe blows. Sorry I can't expand on that. But thats the way it is.

I have recieved lot of forwards like.. " If you forward don't this to 12361173128318 email ids, a crow flying at the speed of 12 miles/hr will shit on your head within 10 seconds".
The same kind of thing happens to me, when I go on to help someone..

I truly believe in God. He'll not dissapoint me. I know that he is watching everthing closely. He has a high resolution telescope, I suppose. Ah!!

Download Mania

Just been blown over by Rahul Vaidya's Tera Intezaar. Reminds me of Sonu Nigam from every angle. I have been downloading songs frequently during this vacation and I have done enough of that. I have exceeded all the DataOne limits and made my dad pay the extra bill. Today is the day. I have to make up for everthing. I have 450 MB of download remaining this month. I have been busy all this month and not used my usual quota. My dad is not gonna use more than 50MB in the next 12 days. I 'll have to download atleast 400MB in the next 36 hours.
Great! I'm on...

Monday, October 17, 2005


I was cleaning yesterday. I found this jeans which I got autographed by some of classmates early this year. It was freaks days and i borrowed a blue T'Shirt from Riju. I got it painted with some freaky symbols on it. To be frank, I painted it myself.

People came around with the freakiest beard styles. I was happy that I was not growing one. I was happy to see myself as non-freaky as possible but still look different. So I decided to sacrifice my jeans. I got it autographed from everyone at MH. I have had that idea in my mind for quite sometime. Yesterday, as I checked them out, i found it very tight. I had got my waist size increased. I knew that this was not gonna last long, so preffered buying pants of the same size.

Seriously, I can't stop talking about these life-changing pants. No, I mean it. Ask me about my pants sometime.


Here I come Again!
Trying to get fresh on attitude. Trying to be different on certain accounts i have been know for.I am trying to update 5 times in a day. Proving to be a frequent emailer. I always was. But, College life got me hung up somewhere around Room No:101, MH B-Block.. Ya its the Gladiator's Room. Spend most of my time there Debating, Fighting and Learning new things about people.I meant Gossiping! What else?

It was a kind of routine that i never liked to miss. That Smile on Sojan's Face.. kind of lit up the darkness that existed. And to the English man, i extended my sincere gratitude for having me in his room and baring me for long.

I, kinda hated Gossiping before. But this room changed everthing for me. Father Bull has always been by my side. I found many good things in his messy room that I missed in the most neatest room of the Block. To be frank, I have talked to him more than half of what i have talked in my entire life. Was it?

It was a great feeling of being with someone special. Someone who drinks water more than the whole block combined. Being interrupted every now and then due to his frequent tolilet visits, I did use to get enough time to compose my next point. I don't know if I wasted more time than I was supposed to. But I'll always keep those good things in my mind. Try to!!

Now! being at home, I talk through my keyboard. I feel i am not too bad at it. I learned to debate online. I look forward to do more of it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Designing has been my favorite hobby for the past 6 years. Every time I log on to my system, the mouse goes over the Photoshop shortcut and it gets clicked. I couldn't resist that. Now, my system no more needs it. No more Flash, Dreamweaver or Swish. Its time to disengage them. and I 'll do that graciously.

I need to go about cleaning the whole thing before leaving. And that will take a hell a lot of time.I have reserved a day out of two for that.

For the time being, The Prayaana Poster is gonna be my last work. And I hope I'll be able to continue on them..

Ad Special !

Been busy for somedays. Taking people around.. Well ! I am back. Three days left for my reign at Cochin. Four weeks ago, someone did handover the place to me. I don't see any good hands to whom i can hand over it to. Deep inside there's exictement and fear. Both are equally killing me.

Its time to uninstall all those highly accliamed softwares that i have been busy with all this vacation and all those six years. I never know when i would get to use them again. Four years of life in Kannur had been like an art movie, but it defenitely did too much good to my creative side. I had been busy designing Posters and Websites. Most of the time redesigning existing things. I would have loved to redesign the College logo. For me it looked nothing more than crap. May be if i could redesign the whole campus, i would have done that.

Doing Ad Zaps was one that i really loved during College fests. I had a wonderful friend who did push me around and extract the best out of me. We did Mosquito Coils, Washing Powders, Shaving Creams and even Toddy.

Talking of Ads, I love the latest Surf Excel Ad, where a 7 year boy beats up the puddle of rain water for his sister and gets thoroughly smeared with stains. "Kya Re.. Tune Maar Isko..
Tujhe Abhi Dektha hoon.. Sorry Bol.. Bol.. Sorry...."
And I hate the Lux Ad where Shahrukh desperatley fails to appeal Metrosexuality..
Theres one where Aamir, the cool dude of Rang De Basanti driving Innova with the other characters potrayed by him. It really succeeds in leaving a smile on your face.

Talking of Smile. Hmm...My closests Dudes have always complained about my inability to wear a smile even when theres nothing that really bothered me.. Let me try to work on it.
Will be back with somethiing more interesting..

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Fear

Yesterday was fine for me. After watching all those Gandhi Jayanthi special movies on Televison.. I was moved. I felt patriotism in me, like never before. Being a professional in a MultiNational Software firm did never excite me. I have had this paranoid fear in my mind for quite sometime. My life in Bangalore is going to be as boring as an Art movie. As my joining date is nearing, I feel that this fear is going to grip me even more heavily. I always wanted to be optimistic. I never was.
More than Bangalore, I am bothered about leaving Cochin. Whom to do I leave it to? My parents would be soon shifting to Calicut. I have no idea when my next visit is likely to be.

Well! I have decided to make the best out of my remaining days in Cochin. I have some designing work left to be done for Prayaana. Some movies to be seen. Some Cafes to be visited and lots of Shopping to be done. And Some Blogging to be done too..

Sunday, October 02, 2005

As Usual

There is something that is not right. There are many things that are not right. I am here to find them. I am lost.

I woke up with a huge headache this morning. This week has been kinda crazy and I'm missing sleep. Not, like, missing it, just not getting enough. Yesterday it was awesome outside, so I walked around for a while. To my surprise I found five of my old friends. All of them together. We had some good time.

I couldn't get it right today. The feel was not there in me. I logged on to this blog to post some rubbish things. What then? I got myself and the system stuck. Let me recover to find myself.

Me Not Me

Who is it?
Me Who?
Me! You.
You! Me.
Yes !
Me ! Not Me !